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Fire Shield Pricing

Firezat Fire Shield Reusable Roll 5 X 270

Firezat Reusable Fire Shield

October 2022 marked Firezat’s 21st year supporing firefighters, home, business, and cabin owners. A 5 foot wide by 200 foot long roll of Fire Shield material covers 1,000 Sq. Ft. and weighs 47 Lbs. It is compact in size and measures 60” in length, 5” in height, and 5” in width. Fire Shields are used to wrap homes, cabins, historical structures, house walls, roofs, stairs, decks, windows, poles, fences, and odd shaped areas to protect from ember or firebrand attack and radiant heat during wildfires and bushfires. This fire resistant material is malleable which makes wrapping deck rails, stairs, and roof eaves much easier.

The shield material can be easily cut to custom lengths for special fitting requirements and due to the heat resistant woven backing won’t tear easily in heavy winds. This is the best fire shield material available in the world to protect your home from burning embers, burning branches, and all wildfire assaults. Once the fire danger has passed it can be carefully removed and rolled or folded in sections to store for the next wildfire threat.

Fire Shield wildfire structure wrap is used to protect from wildfires and bushfires in the United States, Australia, and Europe. Annually used to protect from fires in Montana, Idaho, California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, Alaska, Florida, and Colorado, wherever fires burn seasonally.

Order Process:
  1. Determine how many rolls you need.
  2. Send an email with that number and the complete ship to address to
  3. We will return a quote including UPS Ground shipping.

When you are ready just call us to complete the billing info and we’ll ship them to you.

SKU Weight Price Shipping
SD5200 47 Lbs $844.00 FOB Sacramento, CA
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