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Firezat - Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Answers to the Main Questions

Firezat Fire Shields provide an Aluminum layer of material with special fire resistant woven substrates and high temp adhesives for structural integrity allowing the material to be cut to size as needed. The shields neither burn nor support combustion and offer a combination of properties including reflection of 96% of the radiant heat, 92% of the convective heat, high abrasive strength, and reduction of high-angle areas for burning embers to lodge. See Test Data Fire Shields cover roofs, attic vents, windows, decks, and eaves protecting them from radiant heat and ember attack. They can be left up for days or weeks and can be used again and again for future fire threats. No matter how long the fire takes to reach you, your shields will be ready. It is a stable material that will not stretch or shrink, even after exposure to extremely high or low temperatures. It is also resistant to acids, alkalis & solvents with the exception of hydrofluoric acid. A 1000 Sq Ft roll stores in a space 60" L X 6" W X 6" H.

Absolutely. Especially if your home does not have a Class A rated roof. Roofs are a major fire threat and need protection if they are not made of fire rated materials. If you do have a metal or fire resistant roof, make sure you protect wood under the eaves, fascia boards, and any trim wood work. Firezat recommends you wrap all combustible surfaces on your home or structure when possible but each shield will reduce the area you need to protect if decide to stay and defend. Firezat Fire Shields are used by people and agencies in Europe, Greece, California, Montana, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, Texas, Florida, and Australia to protect their homes, businesses, equipment, and other high value items from burning embers and radiant heat each year.

Gel and foams can be a big help but they have limitations. When applied by fire professionals just before fire arrival they can be effective. They have the proper pumps, water supply, pressure, and experience to lay down a heavy coat. Most importantly they have access to the property shortly before the fire approaches. Foams hold extra water suspended in bubbles, but under wildfire conditions of wind, heat, and low humidity their effective window is just a few hours at best, after all these are perfect conditions for evaporation. Foams will not protect attic vents or large windows once the foam has dried. If the fire stalls or turns delaying arrival, your foam might be ineffective. While it can be re-hydrated once, with evacuations, road blocks, and municipal water demands it may be impossible to do. And once it's used you must purchase more for additional fire threats.

Yes, we provide Fire Shields to many different government agencies. Contact us for more information. Firezat Fire Shields or, cabin wrap, are used to protect our nations most valuable historical landmarks by the Forest Service, BLM, Park Service, and Incident Management Teams deployed to protect us from wildfires.

Yes. Firezat Fire Shields are reusable with proper care and handling. Remove staples with needle nose pliers and simply roll or fold for later use. If a Fire shield is torn or has a hole larger than 1/2 inch it can be easily repaired using Nashua 324-A high temp foil tape, available at Home Depot and other retailers online. It is also advised to mark each shield or piece with the location it was used on so it can be quickly used in that same place the next time it is deployed. The estimated life of a Fire Shield for homeowners is many years with care in handling and deployment. They are also a stable material and do not support mold or mildew and will not stretch or shrink, even after exposure to extremely high or low temperatures. They are resistant to most acids, alkalis & solvents with the exception of hydrofluoric acid.

Firezat makes no guarantees or statements of suitability for any purpose including wildfires. Fire Shields reflect up to 96% of the radiant heat and 92% of convective heat and can take temporary Service Temperatures of up to 1200° Fahrenheit, or 649° Centigrade. The glass/polyester backing is rated to withstand up to 1100° Fahrenheit or 593° C. before breaking down. Our high-temp adhesive is rated to 536° Fahrenheit or 280° Centigrade but is behind the reflective foil offering superior performance. Service Temperature is defined as: The temperature, which a finish or material is able to withstand for an extended period of time, or number of cycles without degradation. Combined they give you the extra protection that could save your home in a fire event.

Fire Shields are used to cover high value, or high personal value, items such as homes, businesses, decks and fences. They are also used to protect historical structures and artifacts, including Indian Rock glyphs, Pony Express structures, and other historical homes and buildings. They have been used to protect TV and radio transmission buildings and antennas and heavy equipment used in fighting fires. They are also used to protect National Parks buildings, bridges, rail trestles, the bottom of power poles to protect electricity delivery during fires and any combustible critical infrastructure. In addition, outdoor art, art collections, temples and other unique items threatened by wildfires. They can give you the extra protection and confidence that could save your valuable items in a fire event.

We always recommend covering as much of the home as possible. At minimum we would suggest you cover the entire roof with enough material to overlap the eaves and fix to the house walls. For maximum protection also secure enough material to cover the walls facing the canyons. Fire will actually increase in speed and intensity as it climbs a canyon hill. Later on you can secure more shields to cover the rest of the house. Remember your Fire Shields will last for many years and can be passed on if you sell the home to the new buyers.

No. Firezat makes no claims or guarantees that the use of this product can or will prevent damage or combustion to your property or structure. Due to the extreme conditions, high heat, high winds, low humidity, and unpredictability associated with all fires it is impossible to make such guarantees. We do believe it is an effective strategy to help protect your home from wildfires. See the release form.

Firezat will replace any unused Fire Shields found to be defective within one year from the date of purchase.

There are many variables to determine how long it will take. For a basic single level 3 to 4 bedroom home the first time it can take a crew of 4 or 5 novice installers up to 5 or 6 hours to completely finish the wrap. The second time it will happen in half the time. There is no one right way to wrap a structure, but there are some easy basics that help get the job done.

A 5 foot by 200 foot roll of Firezat Fire Shield material weighs approximately 47 lbs and will cover approximately 1,000 Sq Ft.

You can store your Fire Shields where ever it is convenient. The material will resist mold and mildew, acids and alkali's.

Please Note: During fire season inventory will frequently be out of stock. All orders are filled on a first come, first served basis. Firezat is not responsible for shipping delays or out of stock situations. Please order before fire threatens your home.

Orders received by 10 AM PST will ship within 24 hours when in stock. When placing an order you will receive a call from our customer service department to determine which method of shipping you would like and they will also let you know how much your shipping charges will be.

Orders are usually shipped via UPS ground. Orders of 5 or more rolls will be shipped by pallet if not a rush situation. Truck freight will generally take 4 to 7 business days but sometimes may arrive sooner. In rush situations we can offer overnight as needed. Firezat must receive a signed Release Form before all shipments.

When you place your order you will receive an estimate of shipping cost depending on how soon you want your products delivered.

Due to the extremely high demand during a fire event Firezat will sometimes enter an out of stock situation and we are unable to fill all orders for customers who need our protection. Some customers may order and if they don’t need the product want to return it for a small fee minus shipping and handling. In the meantime Firezat was unable to fill orders for others who might have used the products and saved their homes. We feel this is the best way to service all our customers fairly.

All orders are filled on a first in first out basis. An order is considered an order when it has cleared processing with payment and a Release form is properly completed and received by Firezat. No order can be shipped until Firezat has received a fully completed Release form.

Firezat makes no claims or statements, or offers any assurance or assurances, guarantees, promises, either direct or implied, as to the effectiveness or suitability of its products to protect any property or possessions from fire damage or any other calamity whether anticipated or foreseen. Due to the extreme conditions of high heat, high winds, low humidity, and unpredictability associated with all fires it is impossible to make such guarantees. Before using, the user agrees to assume all risks and liabilities in connection with deployment, application, use and/or storage of Firezat Fire Shields. Sellers and manufacturers only obligation shall be to replace any unused Fire Shields found to be defective within one year from the date of purchase. Please see Disclaimer & Release Form for complete disclosure.