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Firezat has supplied the US Forest Service, BLM, and Type 1 and Type 2 Incident Management Teams with its next generation Fire Shields since 2004. The Fire Shields are used to protect the nations most valuable historical assets as well as private resorts, cabins, ski lodges, and homes threatened by Wildfires. Firezat Fire Shields are reusable and can be deployed in strong winds without tearing and can withstand extremely high winds with chicken wire applied over the wrap, which is why they are the choice of professionals.

Firezat received a 96% satisfaction rating on its recent Government Past Performance Review which independently surveyed buying teams asking them to rate their experience with Firezat. Ratings included product quality, company interaction, meeting commitments, delivery follow through, and pricing. Firezat is proud to be ranked so high by its Government customers and will continue to work hard on exceeding their expectations.


In 2003 the nation watched as over 2,400 homes burned to the ground in the Southern California Cedar fires, including several homes of friends. Tens of thousands of families lived in fear for days with red skies darkened by smoke and ash, air filters in short supply, roads in constant grid lock, fire crews stretched beyond their limits, virtually no water pressure or power where it was needed most. One by one homes burned while families were interviewed still in shock that everything they owned was now gone and they were powerless to do anything about it.

Firezat management believed there had to be a way to protect homes from fire in an age where we can send men to the moon and bring them home safely. Firezat Fire Shields are the result of over eighteen years of ongoing research, consulting, and testing with the brightest minds in fire sciences and materials production. Many alternative ideas were explored and tested with Firezat Fire Shields proving to be the best solution not requiring water or power. Firezat is the largest supplier of this fire resistant material in the world with several patents currently in process.

Firezat is committed to providing the highest quality products and customer service possible to help save homes and businesses around the world.

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