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Firezat Fire Shield Reusable Roll 5 X 150


1 roll of Heavy Duty Reusable Fire Shield material measuring approximately 5 feet Wide by 150 feet Long. This roll will cover approximately 750 Sq Ft and is primarily used to wrap house walls, poles, fences, decks, and odd shaped areas for fire protection. The roll weighs 62 LBS and ships from San Diego California.

The material is reusable and can be cut to custom lengths for special fitting requirements. This is the best fire shield material available in the world to protect your home from burning embers, burning branches, and all wildfire assaults. Once the fire danger has passed it can be rolled up and stored for the next wildfire threat.

They are used against wildfires in California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Colorado, and Idaho, where ever fires burn seasonally.

Reflective Wildfire Wrap


750 Sq Ft
Reusable Heavy Duty Fire Shield Roll


cabin wrap rolls


house with fire wrap


Inventory Limited


62 lbs
$729.00 FOB San Diego


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