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What can you do

Protecting Your Home From Wildfires
What Can You Do?

Conditional Threats of Wildfire Determine Your Possible Actions


  1. Extremely Dry Conditions
    Multiple Fires Each Season
  2. Relative Humidity 10% and Less
  3. High Heat 90° F Plus
  4. High Winds Blowing Burning Embers
  5. Surrounded By Plentiful Dry Fuel
  6. Overwhelmed Fire Fighting Resources
  7. Probable Power Outages
  8. Low Water Pressure or No Water At All
  9. Evacuation Orders, Blocked Roads
  10. Fire Front- Stalls, Turns, Speeds Up...

Firebrands Can Travel A Mile or More to Start Fires

Firebrands in Wind


What Can You Do in California and Colorado Wildfires?

Take Your Chances and Do Nothing
Our homes are our most valuable possession next to family and pets. Doing nothing is usually not an option. In 2007 almost 4,000 homes were destroyed and thousands more damaged due to wildfires. Even with terrific insurance the disruption and loss is devastating to a family and can last for years. The 2010 wildfire season is forecast to be very bad due to excessive winter and Spring rains. Structure protection is mandatory if you live in the WUI or are threatened annually by fires.

Prepare to Defend Your Home With the Water Hose
You can't assume you will have enough water or water pressure during a firestorm to defend your property. Remember everyone including the fire fighters are drawing on the same water supply system. It will be difficult and dangerous to keep your whole house wet enough during conditions of low humidity, high heat, and winds blowing 30 to 60 MPH or more. Other than evaporation, you are fighting burning embers falling all around you and radiant heat over several hundred degrees. This can be very dangerous.

Spray Foam or Gel on Your House
Gel and foams can be a big help but they have limitations. When applied by fire professionals just before fire arrival they can be effective. They have the proper pumps, water supply, pressure, and experience to lay down a heavy coat. Most importantly they have access to the property shortly before the fire approaches. Foams hold extra water suspended in bubbles, but under wildfire conditions of wind, heat, and low humidity their effective window is just a few hours at best, after all these are perfect conditions for evaporation. Foams will not protect attic vents or large windows once the foam has dried. If the fire stalls or turns delaying arrival, your foam might be ineffective. While it can be re-hydrated once, with evacuations, road blocks, and municipal water demands it may be impossible to do. And once it's used you must purchase more for additional fire threats.

Deploy Fire Shields
You can deploy your shields at the first sign of fire and protect large parts of your home while you stay and await instructions. Covering your roof and the side of the home facing the fire front can greatly increase your survival odds. Fire Shields cover attic vents, windows, and eaves protecting them from radiant heat and ember attack. They can be left up for days or weeks and can be used again and again for future fire threats. No matter how long the fire takes to reach you, your shields will be ready. Our new 8 X 10 Shields can cover windows and sky lights if you have fire resistant walls and roofs already. And when you evacuate you'll know you did everything possible to help fire fighters save your family's home.

Fire Shield Advantages



ZERO Negative Environmental Impact

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    • Can Be Installed By Homeowners Quickly
    • Reflect 95% of the Radiant Heat
    • Protects Roofs & Homes from Burning Embers
    • No Fear of Evaporation- As With Foams & Gels
    • No Water, Pumps, Generators, or Power Required
    • Protects Attic Vents, Eaves, & Windows- Critical Areas
    • Can Be Installed Before Winds Pick Up & Left Up
    • Leave Up For Days or Weeks with Zero Performance Loss
    • New Shield Bands Increase Wind Resistance
    • Traps Moisture Below Shields (Water Saturation Method)
    • Removal Is Fast & Easy- Store For Next Use
    • Reusable Service Life Estimated At 10 To 15 Years for Homeowners

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