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Fire Shields Enviornmentally Friendly

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750 Sq Ft Fire Shield

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Protecting Homes, Cabins, & Historic
Landmarks From Wildfires- With No Water

There Will Never Be Enough Professionals to Protect All Structures During Wildfire Firestorms

Fire Shields Protect From Radiant Heat & Burning Ember Attack

It's Estimated 80% Of Wildfire Structure Ignitions Are A Result Of Burning Embers And Radiant Heat

For the First Time You Can Use the Same Aluminized Structure Wrap the Professionals Use

Fire Shields Are Reusable For Years

When fire fighters are surrounded by wildfire flames and radiant heat they don't spray themselves with foam, they deploy their personal fire shelters and climb in. In the last 20 years over 250 lives have been saved by these aluminum fire shelters.

personal fire shelter wildfire fire shields
Fire Shields reflect 95% of the radiant heat and protect your home from firebrands blown by the wind. They cover windows, eaves, attic vents, and your roof for maximum protection. Even if power is lost and water pressure is only a dribble your home will be protected.
house wrapped in fire shields cabin wrap
When wildfires threaten historical buildings in our national parks the US Forest Service uses Aluminized Structure Wrap, or cabin wrap, to protect them from radiant heat and burning embers. It’s the best protection strategy when it's too dangerous to stay.
cabin wrap fire shields forest service

Firezat supplies the US Forest Service, Incident Management Teams, and other professional fire fighting agencies its reusable Fire Shields to help protect our nations historical treasures. Next Generation Fire Shields offer superior protection against burning embers and radiant heat and are now available to private business and homeowners. The new redesigned large Shields allow for faster deployment, better coverage, and fewer failure points. To see what your options are go to What Can You Do.

Fire Shield Advantages


  • Can Be Installed By Homeowners Quickly
  • Reflect 95% of the Radiant Heat
  • Protects Roofs & Homes from Burning Embers
  • No Fear of Evaporation- As With Foams & Gels
  • No Water, Pumps, Generators, or Power Required
  • Protects Attic Vents, Eaves, & Windows- Critical Areas
  • Can Be Installed Before Winds Pick Up & Left Up
  • Leave Up For Days or Weeks with Zero Performance Loss
  • New Shield Bands Increase Wind Resistance
  • Traps Moisture Below Shields (Water Saturation Method)
  • Removal Is Fast & Easy- Store For Next Use
  • Reusable Service Life Estimated At 10 To 15 Years for Homeowners

ZERO Negative Environmental Impact

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